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Selasa, 02 Oktober 2012

Behind The Scene of Perfart SMA BIAS 2012

Thankful for the documentary team to made this for us... :D

more than sun in our world.. enjoyed it!!!

Sabtu, 30 Juni 2012

My Last Love

                                                                   -My Last Love-
                                                                    by: Faiz Acmal

One love
One touch
Only a memoriam of me
Our love is endless love
If you never knew
My last love is you
You set a fire of my heart
So, everyone can saw our jazz
But, now it’s burning away
Your wings gonna flew away
And, im not be myself today
There’s much thing so hard too say
I miss you so much
And i can’t belive how much i love you
A part of us will be forever
So even when you’re fast asleep
In our dream will be combine
And remember you when you woke up
I’ll be there for you
I gonna go there
Kiss you and good night
My last love

Close The Sun

                                                                             Close The Sun
                                                                               By: Faiz Acmal

Trapped in dismay of world
Ma disappear inertly
I run till to heaven horizon
Can’t said again
The Sun will close you
With your shadow
Walk alone w/o there is constant
Can’t wait again
I fatigue look for you
Stay for the night, can’t logic myself
Till the sun close you
With no expectacion place
Here the last chance
Till i found you
I caught myself on the sun
Close me
Unblock me
The sun will open you, No..


Senin, 30 April 2012

Indonesia Merdeka

Sebar SATU Indonesia -  ayo kibarkan indonesia!

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Love Natural of Indonesian!
Love History of Indonesian!
And Many things!

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Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

"It's Us" By Faiz Acmal (English Version)

The silent night has turned pale. Suddenly, he just disappeared that never leave. And sometimes for me, every time is the night. I miss the night. And I do not know the night, dark, and the chirp of crickets that make me sleep like a sleeping beauty. "Knock .. knock .. knock ..!" Gina wake up! What time is it ..! There bathing fast! "she said with annoyance. "Yeah mom, Gina down really soon. This is again ready to "Gina replied. That morning seemed to be very hot. Without any warmth, peace, or compassion. At that time, my smile widened slightly plump and symmetrical. That's the way mama. Chatty, annoying, and continues to rage. It just made me upset. "Ma, Gina went first ya .." said Gina. "Super Shop in eat bread. Later got another ulcer. "Mama replied with great mutual pity. "Super Shop okay, Gina just eat in the school cafeteria. Moreover, the bell would soon be. Bye, ma. " "Byee .." Mama replied with a grin. "Kriiinggg ..!" My heart skipped a beat. Uncontrolled. I hurried into the classroom filled with artifacts from the sun. Then a voice came rubbing between the markers and whiteboards are carved rock rhythms. Then, the rhythm of my heart to shave it had been carved into a piece of history. Like a pair of lovers who are dancing in the glitter of the stars. History is kept in ukirkan. In hundreds of camelion trees. However, there must be the end of history. Each flight must be no haven. Every time that darkness would have in turn to the description. "Den .. hhhh ..." "Yes .." "Not the right lessons from it ..?" Gina said as she took a deep breath. "Not yet. Why you so breathlessly. Here, have a drink. Ntar you pass out again. "Replied Denny. "Thanks yes. Just what if I pass out why ..? you even open it ntar seneng I fall on the shoulders of you .. "Your damn't so height ..!" "So what ..!" I started to open a biology book with no steps and began to write what was written on the board. "Suut ..! Crazy, Mr.Rio. Writing material until its entry markers up like that. Make me sick also wire again. "Gina whispered aloud. "Yes, it's always been like that. You do not look in, how many times we change the markers because of him. 100 markers download! And you know who told pake pager in your teeth. "Denny answered firmly and amused. "Huuh .. Basic! " The road to the house quite a roll that afternoon. Not bad as ever. Likewise I still had time to listen to some songs on my iPod. Such as, U2, The Beatles, or Daughtry. Down the street in jakarta it felt like waiting in the court room. With a long face, irritated and without passion. Between the 15-minute break. Finally, I got home. Once there, I immediately entered the room, sighed and put my bag on the bed. "Gin .. Gina .. Eat first.." Mama said to me outside the door. "Yes, Mah, Gina down soon anyway." I retorted with drowsiness. "RRrrrr ....!" The cold water flows from the hard sink, and I wash my face. Mengelah breath, staring at the face in the mirror. Droplets droplets falling from the forehead and chin. And forget about the weird time in the classroom. I'm finally coming down to dinner with Mama. Although, I look ragged. Mixed. Moment when I came into the living room. There seem to be a good daddy in there once was talking to Mama. Romantic. And can not seem disturbed. For example, if Pa & Mi I nominated selection "Couple Of The Year" I definitely vote for them in the appeal of choosing "Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Hahaha "laugh a hallucination. "Gin ..." Papa said as he looked at me with longing. "Papa .. why was turning from the Netherlands? Just what Dad had done its job? Arriving at the house when? "I replied with much curiosity. "I have. But, Papa 3 days left to go back to japan. There was a call there "said Papa. "Oh ... Really, at the residence Papa made me feel like losing my heart." I replied in my heart. "Oh ...! Pa, Mi, let's eat! Gina already starving " Actually I love to Papa come. Although estimates of just 1 year 3 times to the house. But, there are other things make me sad. That is ... Incidentally tomorrow off. I'll fill it with a day off alone with Papa. Fill in the gaps that had previously been filled. Pa, "I Missed You, Please Do not Go." "Pa, c'mon streets tomorrow.  it's been a long time never already walk together. "Said Gina. "Okay. Yes we are a family way! "Said Papa. "Mama could not. I'm sorry. Tomorrow there are many client Mama "Mama replied. "Right .. it's okay, Mom." Reply Gina. Months seemed to have appeared at that time. Moon, stars, sky. Everything is there, no one was there. Because you're the one month, Papa. For days you're glue, not torn up by the time. Then, suddenly, we and Dad split up, and headed to an empty corner in the sky. Ago, the void was filled back up tomorrow. I went to the top. And leading to a hidden storage ring. Then, I saw that old box. Dull and inappropriate for the waste. But, not to the inside. Because there are so many memories with Papa. That's what I was looking for! In the event that night I stopped doing homework Biology, Physics, and materials council meeting next week. For, shaking all of this. Cropping photos, writing the paper, and make a book album is "It's Us" so turn up the music! "ZzzZzz ...! You raise me up, to more than i can be "at the time, heard the word. No other word than "Crying." "Hooamm ..!" Shubuh not as cold as I thought. It was raining hard, until you hear thunder from any direction from any angle. Which also mengembunya glass window just to look vague. Even so, I must finished that in 1 hour. The clock showed at 5 am. Cool, cold, and shaking chills are kept. All of a sudden ... "Gina ... Gina. Jogging yuuk ...! "Said Denny from outside my house. "It's cold like this! Lu ya crazy! "I replied firmly. "Gapapa Gin, Seger know ..." "Okay ... Wait 10 minutes ya ..!" Senayan. No ordinary person on toward the place. As a place of recreation of the joggers. Just like an ant colony are moving their eggs to another place. "Uh ... Gin .. hhhh!" Denny said as he ran. "What the hell ....!" I replied, taking off my iPod headset. "Later, you do not want to come to the Internationa Book Fair in the city ..!" "Uh .. Cave did not understand what you speak, Den, Stop a minute! Take a break for a while. " "Okay .. So later on I, Siska, Rio, Lala want to IBF in the city, do you want to come ..?" "Oh ...! sorry I could not den, no event later caves. Super Shop okay if I did not participate. Cranky again later .. "I said to Denny. "Uh .. What the hell is hell! Silly talk lu .. deh ya is not nothing! "Denny replied to the confusion. "Shower Time" has been completed. The morning began to disappear. Daylight came slowly. No later than he came. Hours in my room show at 09.03am. I moved from my room and pick up the album and enter it gently into my tote bag. "Come on, Dad, go ..!" "Gin, you're in a car first. Catch ya later Dad ..! "Papa said as he dialed the number on his cell phone. Goal towards PIM. It is not usually friendly. Many pickpockets, pemalak even jam was really difficult to reconcile. Within an interval of 3 hours. We both got to the PIM. Yes that's PIM. Beautiful on the outside, good inside. This is as finished shopping, clothes, shoes, and groceries. We both chose to eat at Hanamasa. Since it was not long nyushi with Papa. Then .... "Kriiingg" Papa's voice came from the mobile phone. And I feel awful. Like, like this sushi. "Good morning. With Bp.Agus. It's from the office of the pack, starting tomorrow Bos said the father had to leave for Japan. In because there is a serious business, so it is brought forward. Passport Office etc. are already in care of Pak. So you stay ready just "Papa said out loud from your mobile phone. "Oh ..! Thank you sir for infonya. "Papa Reply with hope. "Same-sama.Pagi." It turned out that my feeling was right. Papa's departure to Japan will be brought forward. Why all this have to happen to me. "I'd have to leave tomorrow ya ..?" I said wearily. "Yes, son. Tomorrow Papa had to go to Japan. There is a serious business. "Reply Papa said, smiling. My mind was in a car. Very hard to be understood. In digestibility. Just about the departure of Papa that I think. No one else. "Hmm .. Pa, there a sweet memories of me. " "What is this .." It's Us! "Papa replied with surprise. "Hmmm .. the book was merely the album, it was about us all. Papa, Mama and Me. So if I'm bored or what Papa anymore. If you see this album, the guarantee would certainly not bored anymore. "I said seriously. "Hahaha ... funny you wrote Gin .." Papa laugh with amusement. "Uh .. Kok. even in the laugh. " "Yes .. yes!" Waiting at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport like waiting at the hospital recepcionist. But if waiting for this one, its more sadistic version again. "It's yes, Papa left first. Keep ya Mama Gin. Do not like Mama made so stressed out, "Papa said to me. "Yes. Sir. Good luck in the road, be careful ya ... "I said as tears trickled one by one. Apparently Papa's departure time is different. It went for 2.5 years. To do the job there. The rather serious. My 2.5 year old to learn. Finally I get through the University of Indonesia. Major in Dentistry (Faculty of Dentistry). If Papa came while I Graduate. Good fortune did not come to me again. 
 Waiting for the father of the driver did make me upset. Because a slowly of him. Ambien made me sit on the sofa next to campus uncomfortable fact for the sit. If Papa here, surely I should have made SIM A. But, unfortunately, not be the same as Mama. Suddenly the wind blows from the west! "Gin .. Come on up ..!" Papa said with a smile. "Dad ... Dad ..!" I replied with shocked. Pm on the day was filled with dreams and excitement. Like a pair of pigeons who wagged his wings so pure. Dim the lights until you see how bright the sky above. You gave me a lesson to learn from mistakes. Good Night, Papa. 

"It's Us" By Faiz Acmal

Malam yang sunyi telah menjadi pucat pasi. Tiba-tiba, ia lenyap begitu saja yang tak kunjung berpamitan. Dan kadang bagiku, setiap waktu adalah malam. Ku merindu malam. Dan ku tak tahu malam, gelap dan kicauan dari jangkrik yang membuatku tertidur seperti sleeping beauty.
“Tok..tok..tok..!” Gina bangun! Sudah jam berapa ini..! cepat mandi sana!” kata Mama dengan kesal.
“Iya mama, sebentar lagi Gina turun kok. Ini lagi siap-siap” balas Gina.
Pagi itu serasa menjadi panas sekali. Tanpa ada kehangatan, kedamaian, ataupun kasih sayang. Saat itu, senyumku manjadi ranum dan agak simetris. Ya begitulah Mamaku. Cerewet, nyebelin, dan marah-marah terus. Hanya membuatku menjadi galau saja.
“Ma, Gina berangkat dulu ya..” cetus Gina.
“Ngk di makan dulu rotinya. Nanti kena maag lagi.” balas Mama dengan penuh belah kasihan.
“Ngk usah, Gina makan di kantin sekolah aja. Lagipula, sebentar lagi sudah mau bel. Bye, ma.”
“Byee..” balas Mama dengan senyum lebar.
“Kriiinggg..!” Jantungku berdetak kencang. Tak terkendalikan. Aku buru-buru masuk ruang kelas yang di penuhi pernik dari sang matahari. Lalu, terdengarlah suara bergesekan antara spidol dan papan tulis yang mememunculkan irama-irama rock. Then, irama itu telah menyayati hatiku hingga terukir sebuah potongan sejarah baru. Bagaikan sepasang kekasih yang sedang menari di antara gemerlapnya dari sang bintang. Sejarah itu terus di ukirkan. Di ratusan pohon cermai. Namun, sejarah pasti ada ujungnya. Setiap penerbangan pasti ada singgahnya. Setiap cuaca yang gelap gulita pasti akan di tingkahi dengan kebenderangan.
“Belum di mulai kan pelajaran nya..?” cetus Gina sambil mengambil napas panjang.
“Belum. Lu kenapa engos-engosan gitu. Nih, minum dulu. Ntar lu pingsan lagi.” Jawab Denny.
“Thanks ya. Emangnya kalau gue pingsan kenapa..? bukanya ntar lu malah seneng gw jatuhnya di pundak lu..”
“Pede lu ketinggian..!”
“Biarin..!” Aku mulai membuka buku biology tanpa ada deja dan mulai menulis apa yang di tulis di papan tulis.
“Suut..! Gila tuh, Mr.Rio. Nulis materi sampe spidol nya mendelep abis kayak gitu. Buat kawat gue sakit juga lagi.” bisik Gina dengan lantang.
“Yaelah, udah dari dulu kayak gitu. Lu ngk ngeliat, kita sampai berapa kali ganti spidol gara-gara dia. 100 spidol men! And lu siapa suruh pake pager di gigi lu.” Jawab Denny dengan tegas dan geli.
“Huuh.. Dasar!”
Jalan menuju rumah cukup lenggang sore itu. Tak macet seperti biasanya. Begitupun aku masih sempat mendengarkan beberapa lagu di iPod ku. Seperti, U2, The Beatles, or Daughtry. Menyusuri jalan di jakarta memang serasa seperti menunggu di ruangan pengadilan. Dengan  wajah muram, kesal dan tanpa gairah. Antara jeda 15 menit. Akhirnya, aku sampai di rumah. Sesampai disana, aku langsung memasuki kamar, menghela nafas dan meletakkan tas ku di atas kasur.
“Gin..Gina..Makaan dulu yuk..” cetus Mama kepadaku di luar pintu kamar.
“Ya, Mah, sebentar lagi Gina turun kok.” balasku dengan rasa kantuk.
“RRrrrr....!” Air dingin mengalir dari keras westafel, dan aku membasuh muka. Mengelah napas, menatap wajah di cermin. Tetesan butiran-butiran jatuh dari dahi dan dagu. Dan melupakan kejadian yang weird saat di kelas.
Akhirnya aku turun kebawah untuk Dinner bersama Mama. Walaupun, diriku terlihat compang camping. Campur aduk. Sesaat terdengar saat ku menuju ruangan tengah. Terlihat ada papa di sana yang enak sekali sedang mengobrol dengan Mama. Mesrah. Dan kelihatan tak bisa di ganggu. Misalnya, kalau Pa & Mi gue masuk nominasi pemilihan “Couple Of The Year” Gue sudah pasti memilih mereka di banding memilih “Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Hahaha” tawaku menjadi halusinasi.
“Gin...!” cetus Papa sambil menatapku dengan rindu.
“Papa..Kok udah balik dari Belanda? Emangnya Papa sudah selesai tugasnya? Sampai di rumah kapan?” Balasku dengan banyak rasa ingin tahu.
“Sudah. Tapi, Papa 3 hari lagi harus pergi lagi ke jepang. Ada panggilan kesana” jawab Papa.
“Oh...Sungguh, di tinggal Papa bisa membuatku serasa kehilangan jantungku.” Jawabku di dalam hati. “Oh...! Pa,Mi, ayo makan! Gina udah kelaparan”
    Sesungguhnya aku senang sekali Papa datang. Walaupun perkiraan Cuma 1 tahun 3 kali ke rumah. Tapi, ada hal lain membuatku sedih. Yaitu...
    Kebetulan besok libur. Aku bakal isi satu hari libur itu dengan berdua saja dengan Papa. Mengisi kekosongan yang sebelumnya telah terisi penuh. Pa, “I Missed You, Please Don’t Go.”
    “Pa, besok jalan-jalan yuk. Kan udah lama ngk jalan-jalan bareng.” Kata Gina.
    “Oke. Kita jalan sekeluarga ya!” jawab Papa.
    “Mama ngk bisa. Maaf ya. Besok Mama ada client banyak” jawab Mama.
    “Yaudah..Gapapa, Ma.” Balas Gina.
    Bulan serasa telah muncul saat itu. Rembulan, bintang, langit. Semuanya ada, tak ada yang tak ada. Karena kaulah bulan itu, Papa. Berhari-hari kau merekat, hingga tak terkoyak oleh sang waktu. Lalu, tiba-tiba kita dan papa berpisah, dan menuju ke sudut yang kosong di bawah langit. Yang lalu, kekosongan itu terisi kembali atas hari esok.
    Ku beranjak ke atas. Dan menuju ke gudang secara sembunyi-bunyi. Lalu, kulihat ada kotak tua. Kusam dan pantas untuk di buang. Tapi, tidak untuk yang di dalamnya. Karena, di sana ada banyak sekali kenangan-kenangan bersama Papa. Itulah yang kucari!
    Secara malam itu ku hentikan acara mengerjakan PR Biology, Physics, dan bahan pertemuan OSIS next week. Untuk, mengerakan semua ini. Memotong foto-foto, menulis karya, dan membuat satu album buku yaitu “It’s Us” so turn up the music!! “ZzzZzz...!!!! You raise me up, to more than i can be” saat itu, mendengar kata itu. Tak ada kata lain selain “Menangis.”
    “Hooamm..!” Shubuh tak sedingin yang ku kira. Hari itu hujan deras, hingga terdengar petir dari segala arah dari sudut manapun. Yang juga mengembunya kaca jendelaku hingga terlihat samarnya saja. Walaupun begitu, aku harus menyelesaikanya 1 jam ini.
    Jarum jam menunjukkan pukul 5 pagi. Sejuk, dingin, dan bulu kuduk secara bergetar terus. Tiba-tiba...
    “Gina...Gina. Jogging yuuk...!” sahut Denny dari luar rumahku.
    “Dingin kayak gini! Gila lu ya!” balasku dengan tegas.
    “Gapapa Gin, seger tau...”
    “Oke...Tunggu 10 menit ya..!”
    Senayan. Tak biasa orang pada menuju tempat itu. Sebagai tempat ajangnya rekreasi para penjogging. Layaknya seperti semut colony yang sedang memindahkan telurnya ke tempat lain.
    “Eh...Gin..Hhhh!” cetus Denny sambil berlari.
    “Apaan....!” balasku sambil melepas headset iPod ku.
    “Nanti, lu mau ikut ngk ke Internationa Book Fair di kota..!”
    “Ih..Gua ngk ngerti lu ngomong apaan, Den, Stop dulu deh! Take a break for a while.”
    “Oke..Jadi nanti Gue, Siska, Rio, Lala pengen ke IBF  di kota, mau ikut ngk..?”
    “Oh...! sorry gua ngk bisa den, nanti gua ada acara. Ngk apa-apa kan kalau gua ngk ikut. Nanti ngambek lagi..” kataku kepada Denny.
    “Ih..Apaan sih! Ngaco omongan lu.. yaudah deh gapapa!” balas Denny dengan kebingungan.
    “Shower Time” telah selesai. Pagi mulai menghilang. Siang pun datang dengan perlahan. Selambat-lambatnya dia datang. Jam di kamarku menunjukan pukul 09.03am.  Ku beranjak dari kamarku dan mengambil album itu dan memasukkanya secara lembut ke dalam tas jinjing ku.
    “Ayo,Pa, berangkat..!” 
    “Gin, kamu naik mobil duluan. Papa nanti nyusul ya..!” jawab Papa sambil memencet nomor di handphone nya.
    Tujuan ke arah PIM. Memang tak biasanya bersahabat. Banyak pencopet, pemalak bahkan kemacetan pun sungguh sulit untuk di damaikan. Dalam selang waktu 3 jam. Kita berdua sampai di PIM.
    Ya begitulah PIM. Indah di luar, bagus juga di dalam. Selesai berbelanja ini itu seperti, baju, sepatu, dan kebutuhan dapur. Kita berdua memilih makan di Hanamasa. Karena sudah lama tak nyushi bareng Papa. Lalu....
    “Kriiingg” suara terdengar dari handphone Papa. Dan perasaanku tidak enak. Seperti, layaknya makan sushi ini.
    “Selamat Pagi. Dengan Bp.Agus. Ini dari kantor pak, mulai besok bapak kata Bos harus segera berangkat ke Jepang. Di karenakan ada urusan serius, jadi di percepat. Passport dll sudah di urus kantor Pak. Jadi bapak tinggal siap-siap saja” cetus lantang dari handphone Papa.
    “Oh..! Terima Kasih Pak atas infonya.” Balas Papa dengan harap.
    Ternyata feeling ku memang benar. Keberangkatan papa ke Jepang akan di percepat. Kenapa semua ini harus terjadi padaku.
    “Papa besok harus berangkat ya..?” kataku dengan lesu.
    “Iya, nak. Besok Papa harus segera berangkat ke Jepang. Ada urusan yang serius.” Balas Papa sambil tersenyum.
    Pikiranku di mobil. Sangat susah sekali di mengerti. Di cerna. Hanya tentang keberangkatan Papa yang aku pikirkan. Tak ada yang lain.
    “Hmm.. Pa, ini ada kenang-kenagan dari aku.”
    “Apa ini..”It’s Us!” balas Papa dengan kaget.
    “Hmmm..itu Cuma sekedar buku album, isinya tentang kita semua. Papa, Mama dan Aku. Jadi kalau Papa lagi bosen atau apa. Kalau melihat album ini, di jamin pasti tidak bakal bosen lagi.” Balasku dengan serius.
    “Hahaha...aneh-aneh aja kamu Gin..” tawa Papa dengan geli.
    “Ih..Kok. malah di ketawain.”
    Menunggu di Soekarno Hatta Airport seperti layaknya menunggu di recepcionist rumah sakit. Tapi kalau nunggu yang ini, versi nya lebih sadis lagi.
    “Sudah ya, Papa berangkat dulu. Jaga Mama ya Gin. Jangan suka buat Mama jadi stress” kata Papa kepadaku.
    “Iya. Pa.Selamat Jalan, hati-hati ya...” balasku sambil menetes air mata satu per satu.
    Ternyata kepergian Papa kali ini beda. Ia pergi selama 2,5 tahun. Untuk melakukan pekerjaan di sana. Yang lumayan serius.
    2,5 tahun lamanya ku belajar. Akhirnya aku bisa menembus Universitas Indonesia. Di jurusan FKG(Fakultas Kedokteran Gigi). Seandainya Papa datang waktu aku Graduate. Nasib baik memang tak lagi datang kepadaku.
 Menunggu Pak supir memang membuatku kesal. Karena kelamaanya. Bisa membuatku ambien duduk di sofa depan kampus yang nyatanya tak nyaman untuk di duduki. Seandainya Papa di sini, pasti aku sudah boleh membuat SIM A. Tapi, sayangnya belum boleh sama Mama. Tiba-tiba berhembus angin dari arah barat!!
“Gin..Ayo naik..!” sahut Papa dengan senyuman.
“Pa..Papa...!” balasku dengan kaget setengah mati.
Malam pada hari itu penuh dengan mimpi-mimpi dan keceriaan. Bagaikan sepasang burung merpati yang mengibaskan sayapnya yang begitu suci. Kau redupkan cahaya lampu hingga terlihat betapa terangnya langit di atas sana. Kau memberi ku pelajaran untuk belajar dari kesalahan. Good Night, Papa.

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